The Jaguars of Lutona

Author and artist B.A.Klemetti creates an ever-tangling web of excitement and intrigue in this young-to-mature-adult fantasy series woven with elements of science fiction and mystery.

Embark on the Journey

The trilogy The Lutona Chronicles, which begins with the first book The Jaguars of Lutona, centers around the protagonist Kris Svenson, who begins as an "ordinary" ninth graders with a slanted sense of humor and two annoying sisters. Take the time at the start of the novel to experience his daily life because it will never be the same once the adventure draws him in.

A series of inexplicable encounters build over time, and the appearance of a mysterious woman signals a shift in Kris's rational-but-so-far-boring life path. The woman seeks Kris out to obtain his unique help in solving a mystery, and somehow manages to draw him reluctantly into her story and to her planet, Lutona. Immerse yourself in the adventure.

What Kris experiences and what he learns about himself through these challenging encounters help him realize his own courage, integrity, and love for all living things.