About the Author

B.A.Klemetti was born in Westminster, Massachusetts; studied drama and literature at Boston University; and graduated with an A.B. in English, summa cum laude. She has been an editor, a teacher, and a writer in professional capacities, as well as a writer, painter, and photographer.

For over 20 years, she has applied her talents to both educational and trade writing. She conceived of The Lutona Chronicles as a series to demonstrate to young people that we each have skills and abilities we do not realize, and that these can be brought to the surface by surprising circumstances for beneficial effects, such as preserving animal species or saving the environment. The point of the books is to enjoy the adventure and the humor, remember the value of searching for your own magic, and realize that you have an impact on how your challenges play out.

Klemetti , under the name Barbara K Mindell, paints visionary art, which she calls "inner and outer spacescapes," that depict worlds of the imagination often suggestive of altered realism or complete symbolism. The cover design for The Jaguars of Lutona is reflective of her outer spacescapes that show planets and other astronomical phenomena through visionary imagery. Her paintings have been exhibited at shows and galleries in New England and the Pacific Northwest.

As a photographer, she most recently won first place in the Plants category in the Mass Audubon, Picture This! 2012 photo contest.